Benefits of
Metal Food Cans

As the largest provider of metal food packaging in the United States, Silgan Containers is trusted by America’s most respected brands. Our reputation is based on a foundation of quality, excellence and unsurpassed technical expertise, enabling us to be a dedicated solutions-based partner to our customers.

Setting The Standard
For Sustainable Solutions.

Turning concepts into solutions, turning solutions into cans

Sustainability at Silgan Containers encompasses ability to continually identify and meet the changing needs of our customers, ensuring the long-term success of our company and business partners. By focusing on the sustainability of our products and operations, we seek to strengthen our standing as a market leader and trusted partner.


While our packages protect and preserve our customers’ products, thanks to their 100% recyclability they are also helping to minimize our impact on the environment.

of all steel ever produced is still in use today (Arcelor Mittal, 2024).

Steel cans have a
recycling rate, the highest of any food
package (Canned Good, 2024).

of all aluminum ever produced is still in use today (The Aluminum Association, 2024).

How Recycling
Steel Saves Resources

Saves natural resources

Every ton of recycled steel saves 3,600 pounds of CO2, 2,500 pounds of iron ore, 1, 400 pounds of coal and 120 pounds of limestone (Can Manufacturers Institute).

Saves energy

Recycled aluminum requires 95% less energy than producing new aluminum and generates only 5% of the greenhouse gas emissions. 75% of all aluminum produced in history is still in use (The World Counts).

Reduces waste

Making new steel products from recycled steel reduces water use by 40%, water pollution by 76%, air pollution by 86% and mining waste by 97% (EURIC AISBL).


Solutions for Today, Protection for Tomorrow

Our partners’ success relies on our ability to operate efficiently and effectively. Lean production processes work to reduce energy and resource consumption, greenhouse gas emission and waste generation.

Reduced Air Pollutant Emissions
Between 2000 and 2012, we reduced Hazardous Air Pollutant (HAP) emissions by 76%.
Energy Conservation Efforts
Our energy conservation efforts equate to planting 1,476 acres of trees or removing 1,161 cars from the road.
$2 Million Spent on Lighting Projects
Between 2012 and 2014, we saved up to 45% in kilowatt hours where new lighting systems have been installed.
Reduced Volatile Organic Compounds
We reduced Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions by 46.5% since 2000.
Recycled Pallet Materials
We converted from wood to plastic pallets made of recycled materials, saving the equivalent of 133,164 trees.
The Recycling Partnership
Since the inception, our Recycling Partnership has averaged a 22% increase in overall recycling volume in 40 partner communities.

Committed to Efficiencies Through the Supply Chain

Easy handling, fast filling with low spoilage makes cans a natural choice for streamlined, cost-efficient production and reliable distribution.

less energy

Food cans require up to 70% less energy throughout the supply chain compared to refrigerated and frozen foods. (Metal Packaging Europe)

Less secondary packaging

Cans require significantly less secondary packaging than alternative packages because of their inherent strength. (Metal Packaging Europe)

Stock up

Canned foods’ long shelf-life and preserved taste let consumers stock up and stay supplied. (

Storage benefits

In the retail environment, steel packaging can be easily stored, handled and stacked. It is virtually impossible to spill or break. (APEALm Steel for Packaging Naturally)

Reduced emissions

New steel produced with recycled cans reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 75% (Can Central)

Lower transportation costs

Silgan has over two dozen manufacturing facilities throughout the United States, which allows for significant savings in transportation costs. (Contact Silgan)


Silgan is dedicated to raising awareness of recycling and sustainability within the industry. We connect people to educational, environmental and recycling resources, showing them how they can join us in the fight to spread environmental awareness and help save our planet.

Our People
Our Community

As a company that values philanthropy, we’re incredibly proud of our employees and their contributions to local communities and beyond. Through charitable organizations and civic and social events, we stay connected to the communities we operate in by giving back in a variety of
ways. With many team members lending their time and effort to causes close to their hearts, we’re able to impact communities across the country.

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