As today’s most trusted food container, the metal food can is the package leading brands rely on for locking in freshness and nutrients. From single to family and institutional sizes, Silgan cans are used to contain some of America’s most recognizable food and pet food brands.

3-Piece Welded Cans

When it comes to quality, size and shape variation, Silgan is the industry leader in the manufacturing of 3-piece welded food cans.

3-Piece Welded Cans

How it’s made:

A rectangular, flat sheet of food-grade steel is shaped into a cylinder and closed with a vertical side seam.
The bottom end is then attached with a process called “double seaming” to create a hermetic seal.
The top end is then seamed in place after the can has been filled.

2-Piece Draw Redraw (DRD) Steel and Aluminum Cans

A streamlined process yields multiple benefits.

(DRD) Steel and Aluminum

Two-piece steel and aluminum cans have only one seam around the top end (double seam). They can be tapered to make them nestable, yielding reduced shipping costs to customers in distant locations. They can also be designed to stack neatly on top of one another.

How it’s made:

A coil of coated rolled steel or aluminum is fed into a cupping press. This press first cuts a round disc, then draws or ‘punches’ the disc into a cup. This cup is then drawn a second time to achieve its final shape and bottom, before being trimmed to become a finished container. All cuts and “punches” are made to precise specifications.

2-Piece Draw and Ironed (D&I) Steel

We have more D&I lines than any other food can producer in the world. Fast production speeds, improved metal utilization and an integral end are the major benefits of the D&I-produced cans.

2-Piece (D&I) Steel

A pioneer in D&I manufacturing, Silgan Containers is the leading producer in this state-of-the-art manufacturing process. In fact, we have more D&I lines than any other food can producer in the world. Fast production speeds, improved metal utilization and an integral end are the major benefits of the D&I-produced cans.

How it’s made:

A coil is fed into the cupping press and the initial cup is drawn.
The cup is then conveyed into a body maker where a die punches it through a series of rings.
This process results in the cup walls being ironed or thinned to a predetermined height. The pre-form is then flanged, beaded and coated before final inspection.

Hybrid Packages

No refrigeration required Easy preparation and fully microwavable Long shelf-life of two years Portable to suit "on-the-go" lifestyles

Hybrid Packages

Silgan Containers is proud to partner with its sister company, Silgan Plastic Food Containers to solve your multi-material packaging needs. These solutions combine the best performance characteristics of both metal and plastic to bring you the results you want, as well as the customers you deserve.
Our exclusive Rotary Thermoforming technology creates the only high-barrier plastic container in the world that can be double seam and retorted with virtually no paneling or deformation.
Standard Silgan aluminum ends or peel-off ends are the perfect match. Available diameters are 307 and 401.

Custom Size and Colors

Colors Differentiate your Product on the Shelf

Our 2-piece, aluminum draw redraw (DRD) cans can now be manufactured in a wide variety of translucent colors. This capability can also be extended to can ends and tabs, providing the platform to make a powerful marketing statement.

Advantages of Color

  1. A packaging study conducted by Perception Research Services found that 68% of all purchase decisions are made at the shelf instead of in the home. The study also concluded that color was one of the top factors driving results for shelf impact and then purchase.
  2. Packers also benefit from the added capability of being able to color match or contrast both ends and tabs. This extends marketing/differentiation color combinations for food and pet food products to an almost infinite level.
  3. Silgan Containers' state-of-the art manufacturing capabilities and close working relationships with upstream suppliers, such as aluminum and coating companies, enable us to provide these services quickly and efficiently.
Custom Size and Colors

Sculptured Metal

Customize the Shape of Your Product to Increase Sales

Silgan provides innovative, shapely designs and complimentary color palettes that help contemporize metal packaging and the brands they represent. As premium-niche and high-volume shaped cans continue to enter the global marketplace, they achieve significant sales increases through product differentiation and enhanced functionality. Sculptured cans address key consumer trends.

Advantages of Shapes

  1. Sales Lift and Price Premium

    Research conducted by Perception Research Services on several key categories proved that purchase interest increased 30–50% while commanding a price premium as high as 10%.

  2. Improve Product Appeal

    Shapes differentiate and help create news for the brand.

  3. Optimize Visibility on Shelf

    Shaped cans have a proven impact as a tool to attract maximum consumer attention at the point of sale.


Silgan Containers is committed to providing 100% recyclable products and helping our customers deliver healthy food that was canned at the peak of ripeness.