Cans Get You Cooking

A multi-year, fully integrated campaign highlighting consumers’ positive associations with canned food.

Silgan is proud to be a major sponsor of Cans Get You Cooking,™ a multi-year campaign launched nationwide in February 2013 during the national Canned Food Month. The campaign is designed to remind consumers of the great benefits of cooking with canned food, and showcase new and exciting ways to incorporate cans into everyday mealtime occasions. The campaign utilizes televised food/lifestyle shows, Facebook and other social media, public relations and retail relationships to get the word out to the public at large. One of the primary goals of the campaign is to educate consumers on the nutrition, freshness and taste that is sealed into every can. For more information on the Cans Get You Cooking campaign and how to get involved, please visit the official website.

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The CGYC Progress Report

The Cans Get You Cooking Progress Report provides information about the campaign activities and annual accomplishments.

Download resources to educate consumers

The Cans Get You Cooking™ toolkit provides materials to help you educate
and communicate the value of canned food to consumers.

Recipes for Homemade Smoothies


There is an easier path for happy, healthy eating. Try homemade smoothies with canned fruit. They are delicious, convenient and an easy path for happy and healthy eating.

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10 Reasons Cans Will Get You Cooking


Canned foods are a smart solution for better eating in today’s fast-paced world. The can seals in freshness, flavor and nutrition without sacrificing convenience, enabling you to be confident about creating more healthy meals. Start cooking today!

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Canned Foods: Frequently Asked Questions


Do canned fruits and vegetables have the same nutrients as fresh or frozen?

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Life Cycle of a Pea


Canned foods are a nutritious option because canning technology keeps food fresh and flavorful without a lot of preservatives and additives.

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Cans Get You Cooking Recipe Round-Up


Today’s shoppers care a lot about the foods they eat and yearn for home-cooked meals.

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Cans Get You Cooking Supermarket Tour Guide


Conducting in-store supermarket tours with registered dietitians is an increasingly popular way to engage with shoppers, encourage better-for-you choices, build loyalty and promote retailer-specific programs and products.

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Nutritious, Affordable and Accessible Foods: It’s in the Can


Helping Americans understand the benefits of canned foods can empower them to make better, healthier choices in the grocery aisle and feel confident about serving meals at home using canned foods.

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Freshness, Flavor, Nutrition and Convenience Guaranteed


Help you make better-for-you choices while grocery shopping.

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Freshness, Flavor, Nutrition, and Convenience Guaranteed


When you have the Can and NuVal on-hand.

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