New Product Development & Technology

New Product Development & Technology

Every year, Silgan produces approximately 15 billion metal food containers at over two dozen manufacturing plants across the country.

Silgan is continually searching for ways to create the best packaging solutions that result in lower costs and higher levels of efficiency. This proactive approach to development enables our clients to grow their brands and maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Development Process

Blended expertise, timely solutions

Once we have utilized consumer research to discover the preferences of your ever-evolving consumers, we work with you to develop your proprietary solution to fulfill those specific needs.

Components of the Packaging Development Process

Our prototyping capabilities are a crucial tool for enhancing the functionality and appeal of new containers. In some cases, with an engineering drawing we can create a prototype within 24 hours.

Development Center

Turning concepts into solutions, turning solutions into cans

Built in 2007, our 19,000 square foot Development Center is the second step of our stage-gate process. Once we’re past the consumer research stage, this facility allows us to bring new packaging solutions to market more quickly, efficiently and on budget. Our 3-piece can line, shaping technologies, multiple ends/closures and predictive software are just a few of the technological capabilities available to your brand. We can support cost-efficient small-scale market tests in significant quantities, allowing you to begin consumer testing faster than ever before.

Technology Center

Re-inventing the can.

The can has been optimized over the course of 200 years and Silgan Containers houses those years of knowledge in our Technology Center. This 40,000 square foot facility is fully equipped with 10 independent labs dedicated to ensuring quality container design and providing exceptional customer support.

Staffed with some of the most experienced engineers, scientists and technicians in the industry, we not only address current food processing and packaging issues, but also help detect potential critical performance issues in new packaging development – saving you
time and money.

Our 40,000 square foot Technology Center is fully equipped with 10 independent labs.
Coating Application

Screen for the best coatings against food product/container interaction.

Mechanical and Physical Properties

Evaluate strength, hardness and corrosion properties of various metals.


Study the microstructure of metals to ensure durable, airtight containers.

Physical Testing

Evaluate strength and dimensions of various container designs.


Duplicate customer processing conditions to evaluate existing and new container designs.

Sensory Evaluation

Ensure no product off flavors are found, even after extended shelf time.

Container Evaluation

Evaluate container shelf-life through packed sample storage testing.

Analytical Chemistry

Ensure regulatory compliance, and resolve issues through investigative analysis.


Ensure food safety and sterility through microbiological evaluation of food product.

Shipping & Handling

Simulate transport and handling of containers through vibration, compression and impact testing.

Consumer Research

Research that rewards.

We have proactively invested in consumer research – quantitative and qualitative studies, uncovering consumer trends/insights, testing new package concepts, revealing intrinsic benefits, determining shelf impact and much more. The results of these studies help us identify new packages that build your brand.


These platforms serve many different consumer needs and, while it would be ideal if all of these needs could be fully captured within one package innovation, we know this is not a practical vision. There are different packaging materials and applications that uniquely serve each one of these platforms. In some cases, one package can serve more than one of them or address each of them at varying degree. Our research is aimed at understanding how the package may fulfill the needs of the consumer, retailer and our customers. Our packaging concepts are presented to the customer with a sensitivity to each touch point throughout the supply chain and its potential impact on the bottom line.