Customer Services

Can Do. Will Do!

We produce a variety of about 15 billion metal food cans annually at our multiple manufacturing plants across the USA.

Our Technical and Equipment Service Representatives are at your service to provide support for every aspect of your can manufacturing process. Their involvement begins with a final can design and continues all the way through to the secondary packaging operation.

  • Our Customer Equipment Service (CES) and Technical Service Representative (TSR) Groups are dedicated to serving our customers equipment and technical needs.
  • 20+ years' average experience per technician
  • Highly-trained individuals at work closely with management, maintenance and quality control
  • Provide answers to regulatory compliance, food safety and materials questions

Additionally, customer equipment professionals provide around-the-clock seamer service. Representatives also relay feedback to Silgan on issues ranging from performance to structural improvements. Silgan’s extensive testing laboratories located at the Technology Center in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin are yet another customer service resource – as well as a technology and manufacturing tool.

Click DOWNLOAD to view Silgan Containers "Chargeable Labor Practices and Rates" for work performed by our field service representatives for both can and non-can customers.

Equipment Services

Keeping your operations in running order.

Our Customer Equipment Services (CES) Group of highly-trained individuals works closely with management, maintenance and quality control to ensure your process is always running.

Services include:

Routine visits

  • CES reps perform and/or review Double Seam (DS) evaluations for each line that is running.
  • Recommendations are made for any deficiencies identified by the DS evaluation.

Trouble shooting (double seams and closing machines)

  • CES reps assist with closing machine issues and Double Seam deficiencies.

Closing machine audits

  • CES reps assist with performance of audits.

Closing machine overhauls/repairs

  • CES reps assist with overhaul and repairs.

Can handling and can drying audits

  • 1–3 days (depending on number of lines and configuration). Recommendations are recorded for any deficiencies that are identified.

Parts & Equipment

The Silgan Containers Equipment Group provides OEM Canco parts.

Our customer Equipment Service Representatives provide on-site assistance to help ensure smooth installations.

To request a parts quote, please contact David Sekutowski at or call 800-323-9594

Technical Services

Supporting customers around the clock.

Our Technical Service Representative (TSR) Group provides routine visits, advice, and testing to ensure your technical needs are continually exceeded.

Services include:

Routine Visits

  • Monitor container performance within the customer’s empty and filled can handling and processing systems.
  • Update customer contacts on new container development, materials specification changes and all other technical issues.
  • Review/investigate any quality issues encountered by customers.

Initial Container Qualification and Test Packs

  • Assist in development of new specifications appropriate for customer products.
  • Provide technical assistance for first-time use and qualification of cans and ends.
  • Coordinate ongoing evaluation of packed product to verify performance (test packs).

Advice/Assistance in Product, Package or Process Regulatory Matters

  • Assist customer R&D, Packaging, Operations or QA personnel with questions posed by state and federal government inspectors regarding the use of Silgan packages.
  • Coordinate responses from multiple Silgan departments for various audits required by customers (SQF, GFIC, etc).

Thermal Processing Assistance

  • Develop retort operating procedures (vent schedules) for still, steam retorts.
  • Establish proper and safe time/temperature thermal processes for still, steam retorted products including the determination of critical factors and other process parameters.
  • Provide thermal process deviation evaluations for customers operating in a still, steam retort situation.
  • Consult with customers on a variety of process-related issues such as proper cooling, chlorination of cooling water, container reactions to abnormal physical conditions or process equipment operation.